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Our Mission
The Lummi Youth Academy is a place where our children will learn and be nurtured to fulfill their own desires and give back to the community.

Lummi Youth Academy: The Final Cut on Vimeo.


During their stay at the Lummi Youth Academy, the student and parent will be encouraged to participate in individual and group activities. The Lummi Youth Academy will offer a holistic set of services aimed to create stability in the Lummi youth and family lives. The services offered will include, but are not limited to mental health counseling, nutrition education, fitness and wellness activities. Working within the cultural model of the Lummi Nation, we the Lummi Youth Academy will use culturally relevant means to empower youth and families as well as strengthen community connection and engagement.

As a nurturing place, the Lummi Youth Academy encourages family members or guardians to be actively involved in student activities. The Lummi Youth Academy hopes to help students become conscious of their dreams and look to have a healthy and better tomorrow.

The Lummi Youth Academy will enter into an agreement between the academy student and parent to promote the well being of the student and is voluntary program. The Lummi Youth Academy will promote unity with students, parent and the academy staff. Healing is the key tenet to what we will do at the Lummi Youth Academy.

The primary focus of the Lummi Youth Academy is to insure for the safety and welfare of our Lummi Youth. A staff of 25 will provide for and teach the students the value of respect for self and others. Lummi elder, Ernestine Genshaw said, “These are our children, every one of them, and we need to take care of them.” It is the intention of the staff to create a safe place for young Lummi students to learn, heal, and ask questions about the past, present and future. Students and staff will receive an extensive orientation to the Lummi Youth Academy way of living about body, mind and spirit.

The Lummi Youth Academy will be a secure and monitored facility and more importantly a sacred place for students.

2330 Lummi View Drive, Bellingham, WA 98226  •  tel (360) 758-4218  •  fax (360) 758-2157