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 About Academy

The Lummi Nation adopted the Community Mobilization against Drugs Initiative in 2002-2003. As a result of the initiative, the LIBC implemented numerous policies and programs. The following are examples: the Children’s Code- (“The Lummi Children are the Nation’s highest priority.”), Kids First Initiative, YESS, Safe House and Se>Eye> Chen. As a result the existing programs are servicing up to 1000 Lummi children and families. In developing these programs we have identified a deeper understanding of our children’s and families needs and through the development of the Lummi Youth Academy will enhance the current multidisciplinary team.

Our desired outcomes for the Lummi Youth Academy will be to expand a holistic approach to counseling and family services, which will involve children, parents and community in a multitude of prevention activities. Additional Lummi Children services programs on the horizon for Lummi Nation are: transitional housing, and Boys and Girls Club.


Mission Statement
The mission of the Lummi Youth Academy is to provide a safe, structured and culturally competent environment and foster excellence in learning opportunities for Lummi Youth for higher education, family unification and wellness.

We will give our children a chance at achieving higher education and expand their opportunities for future generations to come. And, we will help our children become healthy family role models.

Our Vision
To Witness Our Children’s Success –
“To build on who we are and not on who we aren’t” - Tony Washington.

Our Values
Wellness - Our children deserve to know love, happiness and understanding in the home. We value open and honest conversation related to a child’s well being.

Education - We value education because education unlocks the doors to financial security, self-sufficiency, the creation of healthy family, healing from past trauma, and community wellness.

Culture – We value culture for our children and understand opening our doors for self-awareness, identity and who we are as the Lummi People.



2330 Lummi View Drive, Bellingham, WA 98226  •  tel (360) 758-4218  •  fax (360) 758-2157