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Chemical Depency

Wellness and Healing is at the very Foundation of everything we do here at the Lummi Youth Academy. In order to have a clear heart, mind, & soul we seek to have all staff and residents here at the LYA are free from any/all misuse or abuse of Chemicals in their daily walk. To attain this goal in our vision and mission at the academy plans to offer a variety of ways to meet these needs.

All staff is directed under LIBC policy to be "drug free" and must maintain that in their daily walk in order to insure credibility, safety, & employment in their work at the academy. For Student Residents many support services and activities will be directed at this "core" baseline issue: Clean & Sober Living. We will have Chemical Dependency Professionals on staff full time to meet each person's individual needs where they are currently at.

We understand that recovery is a "process" and we will address these issues in a professional and confidential manner.


Life Skills

Lummi Youth Academy (LYA) will develop a partnership with Employment Training Center (ETC), Vocational Rehabilitation (Voc-Rehab) and Northwest Indian College (NWIC) to develop the skills, experience, and support the students and family will need to succeed in the current workforce. We will provide a culturally appropriate, personalized case manager service to meet the needs of our students and families.

Our support will include assistance with job searches, applications, resume writing, interviewing skills, and workplace communication and ethics, financial literacy training, traditional foods and gardening, wellness conferences and more by collaboratively working with ETC, Voc-Rehab and NWIC.

LYA will offer activities and groups for our youth and families to encourage the formation of lasting families and healthy relationships.  The services will include parenting and relationship classes, girls and boys talking circles, advocacy, individual and group counseling and a variety of family functions as well will be offered year round by implementing traditional beliefs and practices of the Lummi Nation.



LYA will offer healthy options in youths’ lives by giving them opportunities to participate in diverse learning opportunities and culturally specific programming.  We will use strength-based approaches to fully assess areas of need. The youth services will bring together students, parents, family and educators. LYA will create a individual education plan that meets the needs of our youth by communicating, collaborating, and coordinating with Lummi Nation School (LNS), NWIC, Youth Enrichment Student Services (YESS), student tutors and mentors. 

The mission of the LYA will work towards meeting the needs of our students to help them successfully graduate and pursue higher education or advanced training.


2330 Lummi View Drive, Bellingham, WA 98226  •  tel (360) 758-4218  •  fax (360) 758-2157